Building a future where humans and AI co-exist.

At Censius, AI becomes scalable, accessible, and fair. We transform organizations by accelerating their data science and machine learning journey.

Turn every employee into a data scientist



With AutoML, data expertise is optional. Build high-performing models without writing any code.


One click deployment that scales with organization's needs.


Understand predictions and ensure that predictions are fair
58 percent
of enterprises report a lack of
data science
Source: O'Reilly (1388 respondents)

Enterprises are increasingly turning towards AI platforms that help with entire AI journey from data ingestion to model generation and deployment.

Censius Platform

Integrate Google, AWS, Azure, or custom services with ease to build a best-of-the breed architecture

Accelerate time to market

Building a machine learning pipeline requires significant expertise. Use our platform's building blocks for faster development

Produce better results

We train multiple models in parallel and intelligently optimize them to yield high accuracy

Reduce Bias

Use our Interpretability toolkit to open the AI blackbox. Review model explanations and get alerted if predictions drift

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